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This journey is complete. We will surely return to South Africa!

A Taste of Africa

with Maggie and Chris Mellor

Chris and I host journeys through South Africa. It was a linking of continents, personal stories and a bringing together of our previous lives in South Africa, with our incarnation in the United States. With great joy and pride we showed off the scenery, the peoples, the lifestyle, the social changes, the smells and flavors of the country we still love so dearly.

TheCarlton Center in Johannesburg facilitates views of this largest city, built on gold mine dumps. Far to the south west we could see Soweto, the most populous black urban area in the country. Here we saw how many South Africans live, in corrugated iron shanties, sharing a single water tap, with many families.

Lesedi is a cultural village where we learned about the main tribes of South Africa, got to sleep in African huts, and practice yoga on the cowdung earth!

The KapamaBuffalo Camp was quite the highlight of or safari. We got very close (but not too personal) to these awesome creatures, living today, as they have for thousands of years. Our personal game ranger Dean taught us how to track the animals by studying the spoor and poops! Imagine lying in your tent listing to the roar of lion nearby.

Zebra Crossing and Swimming Nuns

The Drakensburg offers spectacular scenery and wonderful hiking.

James my nephew in Durban invited us to a thrilling helicopter ride from Virginia to Salt Rock. Two choppers flying in tandem along the North Coast of KwaZulu landed on the hotel lawn. A delicious swim in the warm Indian ocean before lunching on the finest seafood ever. Thank you James!!

We popped in on my Mum. She is now 101!

Cape Town is the most scenic city I know. The waterfront offers entertainment, shopping and a spectacular view of Table Mountain. Stellenbosch is a wine growing district and we enjoyed lunch at Boschendal.

Yoga in Africa:


Lion Pose Seated on your heels, palms on the floor, inhale deeply through the nose. Stretch the tongue to its fullest limit, roll eyes roll upward, with the mouth wide open, tense the whole body. Exhale with an aaah sound at the back of the throat. Hold as long as you can. This pose brings circulation to tongue and throat, improves your voice and stimulates the eyes!

Cat Stretch

From all fours, walk your hands forward and bring your chest the earth. Keep your tailbone high. This pose opens your shoulders, chest and allows a wonderful flow of prana throhout the spine. It refreshes and invigorates your whole being.

Balasana or child’s pose.

From all fours, sit back on your heels and let the head rest on the earth. This pose brings a sense of ease and relaxation into your lower back and hips. Keep allowing the buttocks to drop deeply into your heels.


Standing tall, ground your feet equally into the earth. Align your spine, neck and head with an upward lift. This pose offers a relaxed awareness of all there is.


Lying flat on your back, let your whole body relax deliciously!

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Travel with kindred spirits.