Travel with kindred spirits.


It was truly a magical journey with the most wonderful group of people I have ever met. 

I came away with life lessons, real friends and incredible memories of a unique and enchanting culture. 

I have expanded my perspective and find myself living a much richer existence in the moment. 

Maggie is amazing in her journey to seek joy and balance in life. 

She is a skilled and knowledgeable traveler. 

I hope I have the opportunity for another adventure with her sooner than later.


Thula Thula herd of elephant with lawrenceLRLawrence Antony

Gorgeous country,  beautiful people,  perfect weather, learning the history and Peruvian customs and enjoying the many aspects of a different culture.  

Hiking, eating new foods, yoga to stretch in the morning and stretch again at the end of the day, time to be alone and explore or just sit and read. 

Many opportunities to shop.  I came home with such wonderful memories, beautiful pictures, and another new group of friends!

MNIndia Taj

Traveling with Maggie guarantees a very special trip. 

Having traveled to Costa Rica, So. Africa and Peru I would trust her totally to organize a terrific experience. 

Her personal attention to details, research, and her own love of travel guarantees a special opportunity. 

It is also good value for the money.  We both look forward to our next trip with Maggie!”



My yoga trip to Peru was the very best!! I was with wonderful people in a beautiful country. It is an experience I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.


IMG_0404bSouth Africa was absolutely the trip of a lifetime.


Traveling with Maggie absolutely takes the stress out of travel. 

Along with the peace and beauty of her yoga sessions, she has a knack for choosing fabulous locations, great restaurants and fantastic wines. 

I can’t believe anyone has ever had a better journey through South Africa.

Maggie has a remarkable skill in introducing people to unfamiliar cultures and experiences.  

Her respect and enthusiasm is infectious. You can’t go wrong traveling with Maggie


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Travel with kindred spirits.