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“Land of the Thunder Dragon”

This journey is now fully-booked.

Punakha Dzong

Bhutan is “The Land of Great Happiness!”

You are invited!

April 20 to May 3rd 2018

I am thrilled and not surprised this trip has filled so quickly. Yes, there are only 6 places left at this point.

If you haven’t given me a definitive yes, and you want to go, please do so soon. Don’t be disappointed.

Yes, count me in for Bhutan

This is the land of prayer wheels, and prayer flags, where the elements of nature, the people and the Divine are in magnificent harmony.

A land where, what matters most, is  not material acquisitions, but happiness; where 75 % of the country is protected from development, and the population has remained stable at around 790,000 people.  A land no bigger than Switzerland, yet it takes three days to travel by road across the country.

We will travel that magnificent road together in a comfortable bus, seeing giant fortresses, ancient temples and monasteries, village life and breath-taking views. On the ninth day, after the village festival in the heart of the country, we fly back to Paro in a 30 minute flight.

We’re going in spring, when the fruit trees are in full bloom, nature awakens and traditional festivals occur.  We chose our dates around the full moon and the celebration of the Ura Yachoe Festival in Bhumthang.

13 Days 12 nights

Experience the world’s Last Shangrila
April 20 to May 3rd 2018 

We fly into Bhutan on a dragon! Drukair is the only airline that flies here.  In fact, there are only 10 pilots in the world who are licensed to fly into this narrow valley in the heart of the Himalayas. You can enter from either Delhi or from Bangkok.

Experience a culture that lives its prayers

Walk through traditional farmlands to rustic temples alive with chanting monks

Magnificent ancient palaces and fortresses

Cross pristine rivers on suspension bridges

Hike the Pobjika valley, a glacial terrain

Join locals in their traditional finery at the spring festival in the mystical heartland Bumthang

Meditate in glorious shrine rooms

Hike the path to Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Eat hearty meals three times a day

Early morning yoga and evening meditations

We travel from Paro in the west to the central valleys by bus, enjoying the incredible views, cultural traditions, and excellent hotels.

We fly back to Paro on the 30 minute domestic flight in time to relax and shop. On the last day we hike up to Tiger’s Nest.

This journey will surprise and delight, and what is more fun that to  travel with like-minded friends, with a sprinkling of yoga and meditation and talking circles?

Join Us!

Yes, count me in for Bhutan

Sounds good, need to see exact details

Yes, count me in for Bhutan

This is not for me.

About us:
Maggie and Chris have been taking yogis and friends on far-flung journeys for the last 15 years. Bhutan, Thailand, Peru, Myanmar, Argentina, India, Tanzania and most especially South Africa. Our mission is bring benefit to the countries we visit, which means we use local providers and avoid multi-national hotels. Life-long friendships are formed on journeys as we soon become a group of kindred spirits.



This tiny kingdom is situated between India and China.  Population 790,000. No bigger than Switzerland, it takes 3 days to drive from west to east, a distance of 150 miles.



To protect natural resources 60% of the country will remain untouched. Clean rivers and forests everywhere.

The bottom line is Happiness!

With an official policy to promote Gross National Happiness, the administration implements laws that serve the Greater Good.

Meeting the Bhutanese

Walking the prayer wheels

Dressing for the Festival

Outdoor picnics

Outdoor Yoga

Adding our own prayer flags

What about the Altitude?

We will be at an average altitude of 8,000 feet.  We  travel over mountain passes of up to 12,000 feet.  The hike to Tiger’s Nest takes us from 7,200 feet to 10,000 feet.

Yes, this is an active journey with lots of walking, optional longer hiking. Yet the bus will always be there, if you need a break.

This is the third Soulgypsies  journey to Bhutan. We have not been bothered by altitude sickness, although some participants did take medication to prevent it,

Tiger’s Nest is the biggest hike, and even there are options for you.  Ponies are available for the first half of the ascent. A wonderful tea house offers us a break. It is also a lovely place to stay, while the others continue on foot.

Bangkok or Delhi?

You will need to spend at least one night in the stop-over of your choice.

Possibilities: spend a few days in Thailand and fly into Bhutan from Bangkok.

Come in from Delhi via Katmandu, Nepal. Perhaps take a  few days in Nepal on your way on Druk Air.

Come in via Bangkok and stay at the airport hotel for early departure to Bhutan.

Yes, count me in for Bhutan
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Travel with kindred spirits.