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The Costa Rica
Yoga Adventure
Yoga Vacation
Exploring the Inner and Outer Worlds

With two yoga classes daily we included advanced pranayama and meditation practices, richly
layered with ancient teachings.

Classes were a mix of vinyasa flow, gentle yoga, restorative practices and the profound Tantric practice of Yoga Nidra.

Pura Vida Spa is the number one yoga destination in the world outside of the USA. Enjoy the luxury of spa living including a swimming pool, mountainside Jacuzzi and exotic massages and wraps.

Three delicious meals a day served buffet-style, with daily options of chicken and fish.
Among the exciting eco-adventures you will have the opportunity to tour an active volcano, hike through the rain forest to a majestic waterfall, take a jungle canopy adventure, or do some challenging white water rafting.  Whether you desire serenity or adventure, you can have it all this week at Pura Vida Spa.

Pure Vida Spa is the number one yoga destination in the world outside of USA.
This holistic spa offers 12 acres of pristine gardens with an incredible mountaintop
view, international wellness center, and much more. Enjoy the luxuries of spa living including a swimming pool, mountainside Jacuzzi, and exotic massage and wraps.

Among other exciting outings available, you will have the chance to tour an active
volcano, a majestic waterfall garden, take a jungle canopy adventure, do some
challenging white water rafting, or simply lie on one of the Pacific beaches.
Whether you desire serenity or adventure, you’ll find it all this week in Costa

Maggie Mellor has 30 years yoga experience, exploring through the ancient teachings,
the new dimensions in human consciousness. She has studied through the
Shivananda, Iyengar and Pure Yoga School of Yoga, taken classes and workshops
with notable teachers such as Rod Stryker, Eric Shiffman, Angela Farmer and Gary
Kraftsov. Her love for yoga is contagious! Her special joy is coming into
wholeness, bringing the physical and spiritual into alignment through breath and
awareness of Presence. Maggie was born in Holland, raised in South Africa, has
lived in Europe, Japan, Australia and currently lives and teaches in Southern

Most popular event!
After pranayama and a led meditation, we met in the dinning hall which overlooks acres of coffee fields and
the largest volcano in the land, for a hearty and healthy breakfast. This prepared us for an exhilarating eco-adventure. The rain forests are truly breathtaking in fact our guide reminded us that we were in the lungs of the world.  We took deep breaths to draw in the beauty and abundance of the land.

For the canopy adventure we were each kitted out with hard hats, gloves
and a harness. With pounding hearts we climbed up to the platform built
into one of the tallest trees in the jungle. Even though our instructor
gave very clear directions, it was an enormous leap of faith to actually
jump off the solid platform into the chasm!.  Harnessed to the steel cable
we flew at a fabulous speed to the next tree. Soon our confidence was up,
and it became quite thrilling and we could have done the circuit of 9
flights all over again

We weren’t scared!

“I will remember my week with Maggie at Pura
Vida in Costa Rica for the rest of my life, and am recommending that all of
my family and friends spend a week there with her.  There are so many
activities to enjoy, such as lying by the pool (or in the hammocks), the
massages, the eco-tours, and the seminars, that the yoga classes just make
it all the more enjoyable. The deluxe accommodations are very comfortable
and spacious and have terrific views of the valley below.  The food is
fantastic, the landscaping is gorgeous, and the staff is very helpful and
Melissa Roghani.

“Thanks so much for the Costa Rica Yoga Adventure.  Mike and I both had a wonderful time.  Pura Vida is a beautiful
venue – food was great and the people there were so warm and helpful.  We really appreciate your ability to provide yoga for all levels of practice
and at the same time create a sense of community among our diverse group.
Balanced with really terrific eco-travel adventures, the week truly was a Costa Rica Yoga Adventure.  With gratitude, Dear Maggie, Pura Vida was one of the best vacation/adventures that Maryann and I have ever experienced due in part to the location but mostly to the synergy from all of the loving spirits gathered there.  I’m so glad that we had a chance to meet you and yourfriends… maybe we could coordinate a return visit next year?”
John Cockerille

Another highlight was the white water rafting through spectacular scenery for some, and a more leisurely boat tour spotting wild life for the others.  Each outing had surprises and delights and challenged us physically too, so that lunch was all the more inviting on our return. Late afternoons, after a siesta or a massage, we did another full yoga practice, sometimes vigorous and , when our legs were exhausted from hiking, we did restorative yoga.. We had the opportunity to do 4 hours of yoga daily!  Evenings we spent together over a leisurely dinner and occasionally a workshop offered by the facility. Mostly we went to bed early exhausted and happy!

Our Yoga Adventure at Pura Vida in Costa Rica was e

verything we hoped for and more.  We began the days early in the yoga hall, saluting the rising sun to the orchestra of the many birds heralding the new day.







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